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I love purple!

you are purple

Your dominant hues are red and blue. You're confident and like showing people new ideas. You play well with others and can be very influential if you want to be.

Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
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It is not necessary to have an extremely neat and tidy home, but if the place where you are makes you feel good, if you're surrounded by beautiful things and pleasant for you, this will be reflected in your inner world, in your spirit, and
will help you feel better with everything you do.

With this we learn to pay attention to what is around us, either without becoming obsessed, but we need to seek a balance between what we like to look or that makes us feel good, and what we do. While it is important to take your time to clean and arrange your home, the little details are the real important thing: a small vase with a beautiful flower, sorted by subject books, some nice pictures that you enjoy looking at or at least that look fine on your walls....

Everything around us is important to have a good inner balance, and that is what helps us to move forward on our spiritual quest, and helps us to keep the way. If you are not comfortable with your home (or your office, because all of this can be applied to where you work too) you will not be happy even with some of the important things in your life; because all things around you could help you to evolve, in a similar way than the things that you can read in a book.

As I say, it is not necessary that your house is spotless, but just to be nice to your eyes, if it's nice for you is more than enough.

The best LOST promo ever is in Spanish

Or that's what Carlton Cuse said on his Twitter ^_^. It's the promo made by Cuatro, the open TV (this is that it's not a pay-per-view TV) that has Lost now. They're gonna translate it and use it like the official promo for the Last Season of LOST with Terry O'Quinn reading the wonderful text by Omar Khayyam.
Enjoy like I did when I first saw it a pair of weeks ago!

Of course, I can't wait to watch this last season ^_^.

Working with Freyja, you get to learn Her little rules to live a good life, full of Her favors.
In my case, She has been giving me those lessons slowly (we're still with them) to changing some habits, creating a new lifestyle that encourages me and help me feel better and more balanced in all aspects of my life.

The first lesson I learned from Freya has been very simple and should not be forgotten ever: Take care for your body to take care for your spirit, because without a body that feels good is not possible to have a spirit that finds its Way correctly.

We start every day for something as simple as taking care for the shower and grooming time. Be aware that water will clean every pore of the skin, and not only the visible dirt, but also accumulated tension (hence relaxing showers or baths). Put body milk could become a ritual of massage then, or cleaning the skin of the face is transformed into something that illuminates it, or simply wash your feet and apply a moisture cream to massage them becomes basic reflexotherapy that makes everything seem to go much better along your day.

Choose the clothes you're going to put on should not be something that overwhelm you, nor stand for hours before the open closet -you must feel good with all that you wear, no matter how simple or fancy your clothes are, if you are convinced that this clothing is appropriate for that special moment. Whatever you wear, any ornamen, will then be meaningful and will make you feel much better.

With these simple moments you can really improve how you see yourself and how others see you. And if you feel good about yourself, your spirit is free from any concern and makes the relationship with the Spiritual World much more fluid and comfortable.

Connected with all this, I started to practice again QiGong to center, grounding and energizing myself. I came to the conclusion that it's the easier way to me to balance my energy and protecting myself from other energies. And Freyja told me that, in this case, is more important the result than the way to reach it, I don't have to worry about what other could think (that QiGong is chinese and not germanic or norse at all, but it came from the chinese old shamanism, the same edway that seidhr came from the old germanic and norse shamanisms, and, at least, all came from the same source).

Daughter of the Twilight

Definitely, I'm a daughter of the Twilight, and I'm not talking about the new pseudo-vampire fashion that born with a series of films and novels, no, I'm talking about the Twilight as a transit or border between this world and the Other Worlds.
I have always lived with one foot here and one on the other side, being the time when the light begins to fail, the warm and enveloping darkness, when Sun lies lazily and orange light bathes us, almost as old gold, this is the time that I love the most and the time that somehow I fear the most because that darkness makes me becomes more susceptible to contact with the inhabitants behind the Veil. It is as if the Veil in those moments (both real twilight and the one created by artifical light) moves a little, or perhaps become more translucent, and allows me to glimpse a few seconds what is hidden behind it. Sometimes I'm scared, sometimes I love it, sometimes I run towards the light, and others comforts me and I lose myself a bit in its folds.
It's strange, but I like both sensations.
On the twelfth day of Christmas, saevor sent to me...
Twelve sannions drumming
Eleven leaves1s piping
Ten bardawulfs a-leaping
Nine friggasfemmes dancing
Eight nerthus a-milking
Seven etins a-swimming
Six land-wights a-laying
Five elve-e-e-es
Four wights
Three house-wights
Two norse gods
...and an aesir in a 3ofswords.
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In 2009, saevor resolves to...
Go to thor every Sunday.
Become a better wenan.
Spend more time with my norse gods.
Volunteer to spend time with house-wights.
Give up land-wights.
Pay for my nerthus on time.
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Things change a lot for me the last three years, and I'm not speaking about being a mom a what that's involves, but I'm talking about my spiritual life and what's around it. I remember the time when I was really atheist, not so long ago (ten years more or less), and I look at me on the mirror right now and I feel that I'm seeing a very religious and spiritual person. I never believed that this could be that way, even when I always believe that there are more things out there than what we could see with simple eyes (well, I always see things, but during some time I was trying to lie myself thinking that they were merely imaginations, because I was so afraid of what I could see and what that involves to me and everything arround).
The last five years were full of changes that I could never imagine, in my material and spiritual life. Great changes, marvellous changes, that make my life full, even when sometimes I thought that all is soooo slowly... But They always tell me that the things go the way that they need, and I can't do nothing to make them go faster (and I don't need that things go faster, really, because I'm not a pacient person for somethings and I need to learn about pacient, diplomacy and that sort of things).
Perhaps the Way that I started to walk some months ago is the definitive, because it's closer to what I really am than never before, I don't know. But I'm sure that it will teach me more interesting things, like all the roads that I was walking before.
And that's the Way it has to be.

I hate those stupids....

I'm very, very angry. I can't understand what or why a kid (in this case, girls) could enjoy something so horrible like animal maltreat. I don't know if the most annoying thing is these acts or that the parents seems to leave them do it.
The thing is that we go today to the park behind my home with our daughter (she is 22 months old now). It's big, with a lot of different awesome trees, a planetarium and a pond for ducks. The last time that we were there, there were a lot of ducks swimming and making all those things that ducks on ponds do. But when we went today, all the ducks were behind the plants, on the center of the pond. There were three girls about 9 or 10 years old, with plastic water bottles tied to strings; they were looking to the ducks at the other side of the pond. We stayed there sometime, showing the ducks to our daughter, when two of them went to the water and started to swim looking around. And we were leaving, we heard the girls saying: "Ey, there are two of them swimming, we can hit them now; if you beat them they run away making..." (I don't hear the rest), but the worst of all was that the mothers of these three little... attackers... were there, they saw their daughters making those things and didn't make anything... I can't understand it. They don't respect anything, and their parents seems to let them do what they want (I could hear them saying: "well, these are only ducks").
I don't want to see my daughter doing that kind of things, never (or I hope that she'll never do something like this, because then I'm gonna feel that I fail like a mother, because I couldn't teach her to respect other living beings that is something that I always do).